Dates and Details

This installation was shown on the first ODU home football game day, September 3, 2011. It was intended to be shown on the five additional home game days, but was shut down because it violated a regulation that prohibited showing any artwork on the exterior of the studios.  

I’m sorry that showing this project created such angst, which was not the intention. It simply attempted to take advantage of a prime location and opportunity to keep the spotlight on an important issue, and use the work itself, including this blog, as a creative medium to facilitate communication.

As the message left below states, community and unity are a process. I’ve done my best to create and disseminate this art with heart. I’m sorry for the drama-rama it unintentionally created. I hope I can be forgiven for this egregious offense; but I am also honestly grateful to have had the opportunity to put it out for the one day it was shown. I thank everyone who came by, and those who have come back here to contribute. I love you all. We all have our normal human frailties.  -Tess

One of the first written postings in the “Paradigm Shifting” room.

I am broken-hearted for all the angst this has created in the art department. It was not the intention. I don’t know how much more sorry I can be. Just broken-hearted sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you for always encouraging me to be myself as an artist. I love you all.




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