paradigm shifting

Everyone and anyone is asked to share their ideas about ways to create a safer and healthier campus and community. Some ideas posted on the walls at the installation will be photographed and posted here, or you may simply leave your comments below.

We are all in this together.

This is the first response posted in the room. It feels like it says exactly what needs to be said.

1 thought on “paradigm shifting

  1. Create a new model of education for young people who feel left behind and dropped out of our educational system. Build some type of “Open Space” center where the arts (visual, performing, and written) are used to build a bridge connecting the existing academic, civic and spiritual communities to this disenfranchised community. Don’t charge tuition, don’t require paperwork to attend. Do have an open door and open hearts. Young people who feel left out of the system are the greatest natural resource we are wasting in the US. We can’t afford to waste this untapped talent anymore, not in the Twenty-first Century. If such a place comes into existence, I will participate, and contribute my energy in some way. We need each other. We really are all in this together.

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