choose peace

Shown in the backyard of the 49th Street studio, the work entitled  “choose peace” was inspired by a small memorial created at the site where ODU student Christopher Cummings was killed in June. Nearby the flowers and cards left by mourners, a small, stone peace symbol made of green painted stones was placed on the ground, with a sign asking people passing by to choose peace, and make one move in affirmation of that goal by placing an unpainted stone within the circle. Although the memorial was removed in less than a week, nearly 100 stones were place within it, and a tea-light candle was placed in the center. The installation created here recreates that memorial on a larger scale, asking viewers to participate with the same intention.

peace sign close-up

Next are some images of the current memorial inside and outside the studio.

1 thought on “choose peace

  1. I learned something new about this particular work. People resonated with it more when it was at the original memorial site, or when they were alone with it. It will probably be the last piece to come down.

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