Artists and Weavers

About the shirtless lone nut (please see the link posted below if you don’t know the reference.)

Tess Amoruso works in photography, mixed-media and installation. She is completing her MFA in the NSU ODU Joint Program in Visual Studies this year. (She has the distinction of being one of the last graduates of that long and unique program.)  She holds an MA in Urban Affairs from the New School for Social Research in NYC, a BA in Liberal Arts from New York University, and an AAA in Studio Arts from Tidewater Community College.

She is also a mother, meditator and left-of-left bleeding heart. Her work can be found at, and at iPhone users may follow her iphonography on Instagram; her user name is OptiMystic.

This photo, taken outside the studio, is of a guy named Guy who used to sleep on the porch until Norfolk Catholic worker Steve Baggerly, the oft-arrested Catholic of conscience, gave him a home.

Below, wind chime and urban canopy.

1 thought on “Artists and Weavers

  1. The link below is to a 3 minute video of a TED talk by Derek Sivers about how to start a movement. He explains that “the first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader” and how that person is the one who really starts any movement. It is quite funny and worth the time to watch.

    Tess Amoruso

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